Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

I am actually very sleepy right now but I think this is a compulsory blog post for some reason. No, I do not have a lot to complain about so you can rest easy. This is not going to be an emotional shitstorm by me again. Yes, I am not outside counting down with people because I really want to sleep early today. I cannot say if I could have landed a date or not because I did not even try. To me, it is just a regular event. I am not going to get rich suddenly or all my problems will be solved. But I do recognize the date, thus this blog post. Should be appropriate to wrap up everything that has happened this year.

Looking back at all my blog posts it has indeed been a crazy year. Well each year has always been crazy I guess. But thankfully I think that my quality of life has improved. No, I am still renting a house and riding a motorcycle but generally I have better spending power now. I can go on vacations and spend more money on food. I can buy clothes, I can invest money into my hobbies and still cover my family properly. I finally bought life insurance! Finally I have everything covered I think. Moving forward, perhaps I can concentrate on figuring out my retirement plan. Yes, I am being serious here. I am 30 already. I don't really feel like doing coding till I am 50. I can do until I am 40 I suppose? Of course I could branch out to being a manager or consultant but I am looking at stopping working 9-5 when I hit 40. It is still pretty vague but I think it is a cool goal.

What about family you ask? Same answer as the last year or anytime of the year you could have asked me. I am not actively seeking a partner but I am not going to deny an opportunity either. I actually gave it a try this year but well, perhaps as some people suggested I should have made it known much more directly and do more talking in-person. Point taken. I am still learning the ropes here and I am not in a rush. Of course I feel lonely. But that is how it is. I try to concentrate on other things. Anyway I am not sure if I could have juggled my work, running and a partner effectively. If I am to love someone, I have the responsibility to focus on her right? Well I will know when I do get into a relationship.

As for running, I have improved a bit. I am definitely looking forward to improving further but fitness takes time as everyone would say. I got my first serious injury too. It was a very good learning experience. All this while I have been just persevering by being stubborn and continue running but this time I really have to stop. I didn't get bummed out because I really have to stop. I figured I only get annoyed by rest because I feel that I could still run. However, this time it was just not possible. Thankfully I have recovered just in time for the new year. Hopefully my body will be much stronger and healthier in 2017.

After thinking for a while, my biggest upset has always been my work. I stopped thinking about what the previous 'me' would have done because there is no point anymore. I have to do this. I have to change. I went against my principles. I got disappointed over and over again. I got betrayed over and over again. Everybody lies. But that is just how it is. Look at my biggest breakdown of the year. It was due to an office event. I still feel bad about it. Again, that's how things are. Just look at getting better then. Be a better liar. Be a better leader. Perform better. Be proud and magnanimous. Let actions speak for themselves. Record everything. Use everything. Everything is an opportunity.

I guess writing blog posts are actually really bad as some of my friends told me. I do get stuff off my chest but I remember stuff that I should not. It is actually easy to chill. Just don't think about it. Do other stuff. Something to learn for 2017 as well. Maybe I will stop blogging completely.

Happy New Year everyone.

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